Become A Better Illustrator With This Quick Exercise


When you’re bombarded with beautiful art on social media, it can be difficult to get out of the comparison trap and do the work it takes to refine your craft. On bad days, you may feel like you just aren’t improving, or that your art will never be as good as other artists you follow.

When you’re feeling like this, it’s more crucial than ever to put your blinders on and get to work. I have the perfect exercise that will ensure that you are constantly refining your illustration style.

Here are the steps to complete the exercise:

  1. Pick a subject matter you would like to illustrate. Ex. People, Poodles, Cactuses, Cups of Coffee, etc.

  2. Illustrate that thing six different ways, making very small adjustments to your technique used for each.

  3. Pick your favorite illustration of the six and make note of what makes it your favorite.

  4. Repeat with a new subject matter, and incorporate your findings from the previous exercise.

By repeating this exercise over and over again, you will become more confident in your own unique illustration style. You will also perfect the way you draw so many different items. As a best practice, do this exercise daily, and you will be amazed at the results.

Plant Study.jpg
Nicole CicakComment