My Studio Essentials

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I've been working on designing a studio space in my new home. As I've been going through this process, it's caused me to re-evaluate every item I have. My space in this house is smaller than the one in my old house, so I've had to be selective about what I keep.

Here are 6 of my studio essentials that are not going ANYWHERE! I absolutely love these items, and they make my life easier every day:

Commercial Paper Cutter I use this every single day. It's the best investment I've ever made!

Pencil Sharpener I can't believe how many years I went without one of these! It makes life so much easier.

Natural Light Task Lamp A friend recommended this to me (thanks Hannah!). It truly makes drawing at night easier, which is unfortunately when I'm usually doing my illustrations.

Laser Printer This changed my life! I print all of my art prints at home using my laserjet. It prints such vivid black tones. I used to use an inkjet and would constantly be frustrated. I also use the scanner feature to scan in artwork. I purchased mine at Costco for $300, but this Amazon one is similar.

Second Monitor This is a game changer. I love having my artwork open on one screen, and my Etsy Shop or e-mail open on the other screen.

Artwork Storage Boxes I love these archival boxes. I have one per year, and it's a safe effective way to store work. I like the 9x12 ones.

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