My Favorite Drawing Tools

I get a lot of questions about what illustration tools I use. Today, I wanted to run you through my essentials:

Nicole Cicak_Donut Illustration.JPG

Borden and Riley's Paris Paper for Pens  This is my favorite paper - and I've tried a lot of papers! I've been using it for years. It's thick, smooth and bleed-proof. Not only do I illustrate everything on this paper, but I also print my art prints on this. Highly recommend! 

Prismacolor Markers I typically use these as the base layer for my drawings, and layer colored pencil on top. These markers have a long lifespan, and produce extremely vibrant colors.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils These are by far the best colored pencils on the market. The color they produce is so saturated, it sometimes shows up on black paper. For these, I recommend going to an art store and picking out your colors one by one. I don't love the shades in the variety packs.

Uniball Signo White Gel Pen This is the best white gel pen I have found. I love to do little polka dots over color with this pen. It's completely opaque on black paper.

Sharpie Paint Pens I love the gold and black extra fine pens. I use these for most of my black detailing. They layer really nicely. The gold pen has the best shade of gold I've found.

Micron Pens I use these for small black detailing, and to sign my work. The 02 weight is my favorite.

Gum Erasers Great for erasing pencil marks on Paris paper, as well as lightening colored pencil strokes.

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