My Summer 2019 Favorites


I used to put together lists of my monthly favorites. At some point, I fell behind and stopped making these lists. I’ve decided I’m going to bring back favorites on a quarterly basis, in hopes that I don’t have as much trouble keeping up. Doing favorites on a quarterly basis will ensure that I’m more selective as well. Drumroll….here are my favorite items from Summer:

Nicole Cicak_Books_Header.jpg


Keep Going by Austin Kleon I love all of Austin’s books and this one is no exception. I’ve been creating long enough that sometimes the creative process can wear on me. This book came into my life at exact moment I needed to read it. Austin reveals his secrets to building a healthy, sustainable relationship with your art.

Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple Without giving too much away, the entire storyline is told with letters and e-mails between characters in the book. I’ve never read a book like this before, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The book was so well-written, I finished it in two days!

One Day in December Think Bridget Jones meets Love Actually. Enough said :)

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Succession We started watching this show last summer, and Season 2 was released on HBO this summer. This is one of our favorite shows. It’s CRAZY dramatic and the show is so well done that every episode feels like a movie.

Below Deck Mediterranean I’ve long been a Bravo junkie, but I recently discovered this show (thanks to several people recommending it to me). It’s such a lighthearted show, and it makes me feel like I’m on vacation every time I watch it.

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley This HBO documentary about Elizabeth Holmes and the company she started is SO good! Definitely a must-see.

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B Complex Drops Guys, I am obsessed! I’ve long suffered from the afternoon slump - crashing and burning every day around 2 pm. I started using these drops a few weeks ago, and I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt tired since. They’ve given me the energy I need to get my work done, and then some. I keep the bottle at my desk, and in the kitchen.

Republic of Tea Honey Ginseng Tea I drink tea all day long. I mostly stick to green tea, and this one is my all-time favorite! The honey flavor is SO good, and it doesn’t have that bitter green tea aftertaste.

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Tarte Water Foundation My skin has been next level since I started using this foundation. It feels like I’m not wearing any makeup, yet still has decent coverage. It’s been the perfect summer foundation, and I have no intention of switching this fall or winter. All of Tarte’s products are clean, which is an added bonus. With water foundations, the key is to apply with a Kabuki brush. This technique gives a flawless finish. Also, you want to make sure your moisturizer soaks in completely before applying.

Clean Reserve Citron Fig Perfume I bought myself this perfume as a birthday present and I am obsessed with the fresh scent. I’ve gotten many compliments since I started wearing it. Also, this perfume is completely clean, so I feel better applying it multiple times a day.

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Smith & Hawken Candles I hate candles with really powerful smells. All of these scents are very herbal and fresh. My current favorite is Spearmint & Eucalyptus. I love the minimalist packaging, and the fact that these candles have soy wax blend.

Smith & Hawkin Brass Watering Can This summer, I’ve tried to buy more indoor plants. This gorgeous watering can was the perfect purchase to help me keep my plants alive. It looks pretty enough to leave out on a counter, so I remember to water. P.S. I promise I don’t work for Smith & Hawkin :)

Key Lime Pie Larabars I love all Larabars, but this flavor is my latest obsession. We eat Larabars every day. It is such a good snack, and the bars are just the right size to take on-the-go. I bring a supply on all of our trips as well.

Outlander Meritage Red Wine This is from Aldi, but it tastes very expensive. Ryan and I did an Aldi wine tasting with my parents over the summer, and we all agreed this was at 8/10 or higher. It is SO delicious.

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Madewell Central Drapey Shirt I bought this in black, and it was probably my most worn clothing item all summer! It is such a good staple piece, and it looks so cute tucked into jeans and shorts. I loved it so much, I’m considering buying it in another color (Dark Tobacco, I have my eye on you).

All-Black Birkenstocks I’m not traditionally a Birkenstocks person, but I was desperately in need of a durable sandal I could wear all day. I love the black buckle/black leather version, because I think it looks a lot more polished than their other sandals. These sandals are such good quality. I wore them all summer, and they look just like they did when I bought them. Not to mention, I can walk miles in them without my feet hurting.

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Edward Gorey I love studying the work of artists that have come before me, and Edward Gorey is my latest obsession. This summer, I’ve checked out several books on him from the library. I especially love his rare color illustrations. He truly created a world of his own through his work. Sidenote - he is one of Tim Burton’s idols, whose work I also love.

Faber-Castell Dust-Free Erasers I know I’ve mentioned these erasers before, but they are the best ever! I sketch out all my illustrations in pencil first, and then paint over it. I need an eraser that really works, with minimal residue left behind. I was so happy I discovered these in June!

Evernote I’ve always loved Evernote, but I recently started using this app for EVERYTHING. I use it to organize my to-do lists, notes from client meetings, and important documents. It’s such a great all-purpose app. There are some great Youtube tutorials that cover all the things this App can do.

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Daily Log Journaling On my birthday in June, I bought a hot pink Moleskine notebook. I made a promise to myself to start documenting what I do every day. I’ve always wanted to do this, but have failed so many times. Starting on my birthday felt momentous, so I’ve been able to stick with it. I’ve already referred back to my journal several times.

Going Paperless I made a commitment this summer to get rid of all papers in our house. I scanned our important documents into the computer, and I now house them on my Dropbox. This was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I love being able to refer to our documents from anywhere - even when we are out of town. Also, having zero paper clutter feels amazing!

Donating DVDs and CDs We haven’t watched a DVD or listened to a CD in years, so we finally decided to donate all of them. This freed up so much space in our house. It was hard to let go, but now we don’t have any guilt over not using them.

What were your favorite items from this summer? Let me know in the comments section below!